2020 Roadmap

The Goldcoin Community is dedicated to building the most secure and valuable currency ever in existence. It’s “Hard Money” for the New Digital World

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What is Goldcoin?

We believe Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol had the ability to scale out-of-the-box and that on-chain scaling is crucial for the long term health of Goldcoin.

Throttling the main chain and forcing transactions onto L2 custodial networks weakens the system. In 2019, we will be increasing our blocksize to 32 MB to ensure that miners are never given the shaft.

1st Quarter 2020

New Mobile Wallets

In the first quarter of 2020, the Goldcoin Team will be developing the new mobile wallets, for both Android and iOS.

2nd Quarter 2020

Hardware and Electrum Wallets

The Goldcoin Team will be developing and releasing the Electrum Wallet. The Team will also be working on the long-anticipated Hardware Wallet Integration.

3rd Quarter 2020

Proof of Participation (PoP)

The Goldcoin developers will be releasing the Proof of Participation (PoP) consensus algorithm. This ground-breaking green technology allows anyone with a computer to mine Goldcoin by distributing the block reward randomly rather than in favor of those with expensive ASIC devices. We feel this technology will revolutionize the industry and could obsolete Proof of Work (PoW).


Are you ready for the Gold Standard of digital currency?

Goldcoin is being made into a high value platform intended to be a lasting foundation for the world’s financial systems, don’t get left behind.

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