Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork (RBH) FAQ

The GoldCoin (GLC) Team will be "Reverse Hard Forking" the Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain and merging current users onto the newly created Bitcoin chain. The newly merged chain will then become the official GoldCoin blockchain.

Read our Medium article explaining the RBH by clicking here.

What is a Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork?
This new GoldCoin blockchain, coming 4rd quarter 2019, will combine the best of the Bitcoin Forks with GoldCoin to deliver on-chain scaling, off-chain scaling, SegWit and Lightning, faster blocks, and faster difficulty adjustments. Our network will grow from a few hundred users, to millions of potential new users.

And just like in previous Bitcoin hard forks, every current Bitcoin owner will become a new GoldCoin owner, even Satoshi Nakamoto himself and the Winklevoss twins.
What will Happen to my Current Goldcoin?
At the time of the fork, a snapshot of the Goldcoin blockchain will be taken and the current Goldcoin UTXO set will be imported into the newly forked Bitcoin blockchain. There will be no action required other than upgrading to the new client software. If you own 100 GLC today, you will own the same 100 GLC on the newly rebranded Bitcoin chain.
Where can I read the RBH Whitepaper?
The Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork (RBH) whitepaper can be downloaded here.
What is Bitcoin FS (Full Scale)?
Bitcoin FS (Full Scale) is the code name for the newly updated BTC blockchain currently running on Testnet that has both off-chain and on-chain scaling capability.

The final production version will be released to the public under the Goldcoin brand name later this summer. We think Goldcoin (aka Bitcoin FS) will become the most popular version of Bitcoin to date and will eventually be recognized as the official Satoshi chain.
How Do Bitcoin Users Claim their Goldcoin?
Just like with previous Bitcoin forks like the Bitcoin Cash fork, there are a number of methods available to claim your Goldcoin on the new chain. The recommended method is to simply import your bitcoin private key into the new client software. You can also use the wallet.dat file if you're running a full Bitcoin node. Many exchanges will handle the swap for you, so you can also move your BTC to a supported exchange before the fork. If your exchange does not carry Goldcoin, make the suggestion!
Is there a Fork Comparison Chart?
Please find below a comparison chart with the key differences between the various Bitcoin chains.

What is the Purpose of this Fork?
There are many exciting advances that have occurred in Bitcoin during the last 6 years that enable a method of scaling that is not part of the main blockchain. The basic problem is that the main blockchain is being artificially throttled. Our whitepaper will detail an industry-first merging of two blockchains that will bring the Bitcoin and Goldcoin communities together on one single united blockchain that will support and advance both on-chain and off-chain scaling. This will allow Goldcoin to grow at a much more rapid pace and will help to unite both ideological camps, supporters of Bitcoin Core, and supporters of Bitcoin Cash and BSV.
When will the Reverse Hardfork occur?
The hard fork is scheduled for the third quarter (Q4) of 2019.