What is GoldCoin?

GoldCoin™ is a great name meaning “value” to billions of people Worldwide. Our multi-pool resistant client is innovative and secure with an integrated 51% attack defense system. GoldCoin is a genuinely unique coin, not just another clone.

It’s “Hard Money”

GoldCoin is Hard Money. A super secure value store and cash payment system for the New Digital World -built on Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol. It’s the money of a new generation.

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Meet Our Team

Greg Matthews

Senior Dream Builder

Greg is an internet pioneer and early domainer. After selling his ISP company in 2007, he began work as a researcher and advocate for digital currencies. In 2013, he created the popular cryptocurrency community Goldcoin Talk.

Dr. Gerald Higginbotham

VP Social and Economic Relations

Dr. Gerald Higginbotham, also known as Dr. G, brings the Information Age, social activism, and economic element to the Goldcoin team. He’s currently employed as a commercial pilot for a major US airline.

Eric Britten

Gold Engineer / Senior Developer

Eric is our Senior Developer and Goldcoin Engineer. He oversees development of the client software including the iOS app, and our popular Android app. He created the first Goldcoin paper wallet and maintains the team’s internal network monitoring system.

Amir Eslampanah

Chief Scientist

Amir is the Chief Scientist at Goldcoin. In June of 2013, he began his work on the Goldcoin code. He’s made several major improvements to the client including the design of Goldcoin’s 51% attack defense system and innovative GoldenRiver™ difficulty algorithm.

Srinivas Peesapaty

GoldCoin India / Asia

Mr. Peesapaty is a Business Consultant offering services in the field of Business Consulting, Legal Consulting, Print Media Services & Technolgy business since 2000 through his businesses Webkuteer Web Services and also Partner of PSR Enterprises. He is passionate about Non Profit consulting.

Jeroen Kouwenhoven

Developer / Social Media

Jeroen is a 17-year-old student from the Netherlands currently studying ICT Network Management. In his free time he enjoys programming in Python, C++, Penetration Testing, Command Line and Linux OS. In addition to his developer duties, Jeroen is our Telegram moderator and Twitter account administator.

Adam Sharek

Exchange Relations

Adam has a strong background with work experience at Coca Cola, Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade and most recently, his own Real Estate company. This mixed with his positive outlook on life is a great asset to the Goldcoin team. Adam is responsible for securing new exchange listings and building those relationships as we grow into one of the world’s top cryptocurrencies.

IBN Adams

GoldCoin Africa

Ibn Adam is a development planner by profession, crypto enthusiast, youth ambassador and advocate. Ibn is the Cofounder for the Initiative for Green and Digital Economy (IGDE-GHANA), and a member for the Center for Liberty and Entrepreneurship (CLE-GHANA). Ibn has dedicated himself to the realization of good innovations that seek to bring a new face to the global front; hence, the brain behind the GoldCoinAfricaLab Project.

Other Contributors

Brett Walling


Brett is a *Nix System Administrator and Developer. He started his career doing development for a business process management consulting company that was eventually acquired by Oracle.He currently helps to maintain and develop tools for a major telecom company.

Maverick Peppers


Maverick has been programming in C++ since since age 14. He now manages the entire life-cycle of multiple projects for ProtoComplete starting from design to delivery. I lead and guide other developers as well as write code myself to see that my projects are completed accurately and on time.

Lee Irvine


Lee is a Computer Science graduate from Seattle, Washington who began programming as child. He’s an established iOS developer and C++ blockchain developer. Lee recently developed a bitcoin fee tracking and transaction priority system.

Gilead Okolonkwo

Africa Advisor

Gilead is the founding president and board chairman of Gold Club International. Mr. Okolonkwo is also the CEO of BeepMagnet International, an e-commerce firm and owner of the BeepPay Technology.

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